Concrete Repair

Concrete Repair 3Pj Mear Ltd has vast experience and is widely versed in all forms of concrete repair:

  • Hand Placed Repairs
  • Spray Concrete
  • Flowable Concrete

We also have strong relationships/partnerships will all major manufacturers of specialised concrete repair materials including Sika, Fosroc, Weber etc.

Spray ConcreteWe have performed all forms of concrete repairs on a wide variety of projects, building and structures including:

  • Social Housing Stock
  • High Rise Flats
  • Highways Bridges
  • River Bridges
  • Schools
  • Industrial Properties/Factories

We are able to carry out all methods of repair and refurbishment of concrete from the initial surveys including hammer testing, cover meter and half-cell surveys, patch repairs, sacrificial anode installation and protective and decorative coating application. PJ Mear Ltd. is equipped to clean and prepare all concrete surfaces using a variety of different methods.


Concrete Repair

Exterior Refurbishment




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